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Rajshahi University Admission Test Result

Rajshahi University Admission Test Result

Exam dates:

A1(9am to 10am) , A2(11am to 12pm), A3(1pm to 2pm) and B(4pm to 5pm) unit exams will be held on 23/10/2011

A4(9am to 10am), A5(11am to 12pm), A6(1pm to 2pm) and C(4pm to 5pm) unit exams will be held on 24/10/2011

H(9am to 10 am), F1(11 am to 12 pm), F2(1pm to 2pm) and D(4pm to 5pm) unit exams will be held on 25/10/2011

G(9am to 10am) and E(1pm to 2 pm) unit exam will be held on 26/10/2011

Faculties and departments ( as exam Unit )

Departments of  Arts Faculty: Bengali, English, History, Philosophy, Languages, Fine Arts, Islamic history and culture, Arabic, Islamic studies, Theater and Music

Departments of  Science Faculty: Statistics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Population Science And Humane Resource Development, Biochemistry And Molecular Biology.
Departments of  Engineering Faculty: Applied Physics And Electronic Engineering, Computer Science And Engineering, Material Science And Technology, Information And Communication Engineering, Applied Chemistry And Chemical Technology
Departments of  Social Science  Faculty :  Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Folklor, Anthropology, Mass communication And Journalism, Public Administration, Information Science And Library Management .Departments of  Life and Earth Science  Faculty: Botany, Zoology, Geology And Mining, Geography And Environmental Studies, Psychology

Departments of  Business Studies  Faculty: Accounting And Information System, Management, Finance And Banking, Marketing.
Departments of  Law  Faculty: Law And Justice.
Departments of  Medicine  Faculty: Rajshahi Medical College, Rangpur Medical College, Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College, Khulna Medical College, Dinajpur Medical College, Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College And Hospital(Sirajgonj).
Rajshahi University Admission Test Result.

Admission notice: Download from here (2011-2012 session)
Competition levels: Rajshahi University is the second largest University in Bangladesh. Therefore competition level is so high. Every year almost 45 students compete against only 1 sit. Competition of some faculties is very very high such as Faculty Business Studies, Faculty of law etc.
Hall: There are 16 halls. 11 halls for boys student and 5 halls for girls student. The halls are so nicely decorated and all halls are situated in main campus of the university.
campus: Campus of Rajshahi University is the most beautiful campus in Bangladesh. The university is the second largest university in Bangladesh. Area of the university is 753 acre.
Facilities: As a public university  there lot of facilities such as library which is the second largest library in Bangladesh, Stadium, Hall, Computer lab, Gymnasium, Bus, Auditorium etc.
Communication facilities: Communication system is so easy from any part of Bangladesh. Anyone can come in Rajshahi by bus or train so easily.
Other universities of this area: RUET, Rajshahi  college (National university),Rajshahi Women College (NU).

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